Useful Links

Listed below are some links that you might find useful for planning and preparing your lessons. All external links will open in a new tab / window.

Sites For Studying

Quia Web - online study and testing site. Lots of activities for practicing / remembering vocabulary and teachers can create online assessments.
Quizlet - online study site. Search for existing vocabulary sets or create your own.

Sites For Making Worksheets

Crossword Puzzle Maker
Another Wordsearch Maker
This one allows hidden words - words that are in the puzzle but not listed (one use is to add intentional misspellings to see if kids are really checking what they circle - hidden words are handy for this)
Scrambled Words
Colour by numbers or letters
Connect the dots
Alphabet links
Find the letters
Write the beginning letter
Circle the correct letter
How many?
Handwriting Sheets (only three lines)
Handwriting Sheets (only three lines)
Handwriting Sheets (four lines)
Printable dominoes

Clip-art Collections

Drawings of Famous People in Japan
Royalty-free clip art collection for foreign/second language instruction
Wikipedia images
OpenClip Art — Huge collection of public domain clip art, much of it in SVG format.
Yasu's Illustrations resources/imgs/tnthemes.htm
Google image search (English)
Google image search (Japanese)
English Microsoft clipart

ESL/EFL Resources

Very large collection of sites to do with English
Collection of resources for teachers
Alphabet, phonics, crafts and more
Various activities, worksheets, etc.
Interactive site links
High level interactive site links


TuxType — Also look here for screenshots and information on installing and using. — Apps you can use from a usb drive, without installing to the computer. Very useful for people who work at more that one school or who cannot install software on school computers.
Inkscape — an SVG editor. Easy to make very cool worksheets very quickly.
The GIMP — The main site for the GNU Image Manipulation Program. — The GIMP for MS Windows.
Snipshot — A cool online tool for making changes to your pictures. Easier to use than The GIMP, and no need to install anything - everything happens right in your browser. — an office suite, comparable to MS Office.
Google Documents — online wordprocessor and spreadsheet. Not as many features as MS Office,, or Ichitaro, but because Google Documents is online, your documents are available anywhere.
Google Earth and Google Maps — Google Earth is a 3D program that lets you fly around the world and zoom in almost to street level. Works best on a fairly powerful computer with a broadband connection. — Google Maps is similar to Google Earth but runs in your web browser.

World Facts/Encyclopaedias

Universal Currency Converter
Current population of countries
World Times
CIA World Factbook
World Flags
World Weather and Maps
Japanese versionメインページ
World heritage site

Kanazawa Related Sites

Kanazawa homepage
Kanazawa homepage (English)
Department of tourism homepage
Department of tourism (English)
Kanazawa 21st Century Modern Art
Kanazawa 21st Century Modern Art homepage (English)