Osugi Sakae

Ōsugi Sakae

Osugi Sakae (大杉 栄 Ōsugi Sakae, January 17, 1885–September 16, 1923) was a radical individualist and anarchist. He published numerous anarchist periodicals, helped translate various western anarchist essays into Japanese for the first time, and created Japan's first Esperanto school in 1906. He, Noe Itō, and his nephew were murdered in what became known as the Amakasu Incident.

Text and image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osugi_Sakae

I am not Ōsugi Sakae. My name is Chris Spackman and I studied Ōsugi Sakae's life and writings in school before coming going to Japan. This is my personal website. My history-related web stuff is at www.openhistory.org but be warned that I have not updated that site in quite some time. I've not given up on OpenHistory, but now spend most of my time working with my ESL students at The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University and the other schools in the Graham Family of Schools.


20 June 2017
I've added a TESOL Wiki, used right now mostly for leveled content area readings. I've also added a W5H section, which has leveled content area readings in more print-ready formats. Right now, the content is pretty much the same as the content on the wiki.
28 February 2016
So, obviously, the updates are not out yet. I am still working on them and they will probably be ready to go in late March—that is when TCS is on spring break. In the meantime, I am moving away from WordPress for the blog. Instead, I will be adding some new blog entries as regular, good-old, safe HTML files. I originally went with WordPress so that readers could leave comments. Of course, spambots make moderating comments practically a full time job, and anyhow, Reddit and other social sites are probably better places for the comments today. So, back to regular HTML.
28 February 2016
In other news, I am slowly adding some new Templates. These templates are for files that I create frequently—worksheets, reading passages, SVG files, and the such.
15 October 2015
I am working on an update to the history encyclopedia at OpenHistory and a new wiki for books. These will be coming before the end of this year. Several years ago, I switched the encyclopedia from LaTeX to the Open Document Format (used by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and others). There were good reasons for the change, but after a couple years of development, some of the drawbacks became apparent.

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Home of the Japanese History Documentation Project (JHDP)
Karate the Japanese Way
My friend Mark Groenewold's excellent karate site. I don't do karate but I do do HTML, so I help him maintain it. If you are involved with karate and haven't been there yet, you should really check it out. The content is first rate and the forums are full of great karate practitioners. UPDATE: Mark has shut down his site.
Whipped! Card Game
Mark Groenewold and some friends put together a fun card game about relationships. They named their game Whipped and I helped put together the web site (no longer available) for it.

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